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Here's whats going on.
1//Please have at least six things in common with me, it's much easier to talk about things when you have something to work from.
2//Respect me & all of my craziness, also respect my friends, they keep me going.
3//Update your journal at least once a week.
4//& comment once in awhile, it doesn't have to be a book or anything, I don't want friends that just want to make their lists bigger.

名前: 黒い天使 「くろいてんし」 aka Lucifer
誕生日: 1982年1月12日 (24歳)
髪の色: 黄色/mixed
目の色: みどり色い/hazel

Name: 黒い天使 [kuroitenshi]
Birthdate: 1982/1/12 (Age 27)
Height: 163cm
Hair: Dyed blonde
Eyes: Hazel Green
Fave Anime: Gankutsuou, Witch Hunter Robin, 12 Kingdoms
Fave Manga: Yami no Matsuei, Tenshi Kinryouku, Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon, Deathnote
Fave Mangaka: Kouga Yun, Takeuchi Naoko, Watase Yuu
Occupation: Freelance Artist *Art, music (voice & a little piano), Photoshop, html coding

I'm a con goer. Cons I've been to, *means ones I've sold art at.
Ichibancon 13*?
Ohayocon 01, 02, 03, 04, 05*, 06*, 07*, 08*, 09 (not going to anymore, they've dicked me over too many times)
Katsucon 03
=Bashcon 07, 08*, 09*, 10*, 11*, 12(selling used goodies)
Shutocon 12*
Animarathon 03(think that was the year it started), 11*, 12*?
Anime Punch 07*, 08*
=Penquicon 08*
Anime Boston 05*
A-cen 03, 06*, 07* (I started selling art at this con, didn't have a table though)
=Motorcitycon F-2000, S-2002, S-2004, F-2004, S-2005*, S-2006, S-2007, S-2008 (Spring, Fall) I think there's one more in there.
Animazement 01, 04*, 05*, 06*, 07*, 08*, 09*, 10*, 11*, 12* (will be in the dealer's room again)
Colossalcon 05*, 06*, 07*, 08*, 09*, 11*, 12*?
Ikasucon 04*, 06*, 08*
Otakon 03*, 06, 07*, 08, 09*, 10*
=Gencon INDY 06, 09, 10, 11, 12?
=Dragoncon 07, 09, 10, 12 (maybe)
Yaoicon 07, 08*
Sugoicon 02, 03*, 04*
Youmacon 05*, 06*, 07*, 11*, 12*?
=ConontheCob 07
=Ucon 09* (horrible, not worth going to)
=Midwest Furfest 08*
Anime Crossroads 09*

NOTE: THE BEST CON EVER WAS AZ08 and 10! 53 Anime cons. =non Anime con. Goals, to sell at Gen and Dragon 2012!

MINI BIO: I am not Japanese, I just wish I was (well, at least, good enough to speak it fluently). I like lots of different things & I'm always up for meeting new & different people. Things seem to be in a constant state of flux in my life which really doesn't bother me so much anymore. I believe in duality, the yin yang feel, but also incorporating a lot of other things. The best way to get to know me is befriend me. [smiles] Found many things in my life that make sense now, I am working on my art business (I sell at conventions thru-out the year). Please comment when you add me, I'm looking for new friends and I don't know you exist if you don't let me know~ *hugs*

Past used banners - More Quizes
Friends Only Post of My Sailormoon Collection
Best written down compliment for me evar~


Looking for gently used anime/manga related items, along with some others? Check these out.

Kuroitenshi's Store

My friend said "I don't know. I kinda associate this sig with you somehow. I associate Lucifer with you too, so reading 'Angel Sanctuary' proves to be very... interesting."

catgirl_luna said eh anything I found interesting...mostly from yami no matsuri (Excuse my spelling), and wish...^^;
kuroitenshi13 said MUWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
kuroitenshi13said OMG you just said Festival of the Dark

kuroitenshi13: *turns into tenticle monster*
astrokittie:o NOOOOOOOOOOO! *feeds you hentai quickly to keep you from raping the world*

Kuroitenshi.com King of the Web Commision TenshiLucifer? My DA AVC COMIC the comic

Zac Efron for Kira

Banner made by kuroitenshi13

MeYakiLunaLittle Buns /


Winner T-1 in sailormoon_art

Usagi is Pure
Usagi is Pure
Made by

Weiß Boys are Assassins of Love

Weiß Boys are Assassins of Love

Made by kuroitenshi13.

Schwarz are Baddies of Love

Schwarz are Baddies of Love

Made by kuroitenshi13.


http://home.earthlink.net/~eastcoastanimesociety/id16.html - Animazement06

NOTE ON MOOD THEME: All images I cropped & added text to. Lion/Judas images are mostly fanart that I got off a thread on 4chan in 2007, images of Soubi were taken from icons & cropped.

CSS Layout Code by dear_numbers, it was the only CSS layout I could actually find. @___@.
80s, alien, american, androgynous, angel sanctuary, angel the series, anne rice, antonio vivaldi, anubis, art, b-movies, baroque, being john malkovich, bishounen, bjds, black, bones, bruce campbell, carnivàle, cash cab, castle, cats, cedar point, cheesepie, christopher rice, cider, clash of the titans, cloaks, comics, common sense, cons, culture, dark-hunters, david boreanaz, dnd, dollhouse, dragoncon, drawing, elphaba, emperor's new groove, faeries, fall, fantasy, farscape, fire, firefly, forever knight, fringe, fullmoon, garnet, ghost hunters, ghosts, glenn beck, goddesses, gods, googoo dolls, greek, gulity gear, h.i.m, halloweekends, halloween, he-man, hell's kitchen, house md, james marsters, japan, japanese, jayne, jewelry, joss whedon, kamikaze kaitou jeanne, king of the web, least i could do, lexx, lie to me, magic, magna carta, medieval, mel brooks, moon, moonlight, movies, music, nathan fillion, nerd, norse, paint tool sai, patrick seitz, patrick stewart, piercings, pirates, pirates pocketmodel, potc, purple, rain, rampage, reading, red, refounding america, religion, renfair, roman, roses, rpg, sailor titan, sailormoon, saturn, schist, serenity, sg-1, she-ra, sherrilyn kenyon, shounen ai, silver, singing, sleeping beauty trilogy, spaceballs, sparkling generation valkyrie yuuki, star trek, stars, super mario bros, super robot wars, sweets, takeuchi naoko, tarot, tattoos, tenshi kinryouku, tetris, the last starfighter, the little mermaid, thirteen, titan, tokyo, tower defense games, tv, unicorns, valkyrie profile, valkyries, vampires, weiss kreuz, wicked, wii, wildwife, willows, witches, within temptation, wizard of oz, writing, yuuki kaori

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