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09 July 2006 @ 10:53 pm
EMERGENCY, anyone in the Toledo/Mich Line area going to IKASUCON this weekend, please please please contact me!!!!! Thank you.
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05 June 2006 @ 12:23 am
Wow, I was rather amazed by the strange events that happened over the weekend. Like the badges. I wasn't really so pissed that they didn't use my designs which I spent 4+ hours on each badge, but the fact they didn't have the balls to tell me that they weren't going to use them. How hard is it to drop a 2 line email explaining it? The con shirt was sad, but I have a feeling that was a printing problem. It was frustrating having to tear down everything at my table every night, but I did it & there were a few wonderful people out there to help me. Besides that & the lack of food at times I had a most wonderful & enjoyable weekend, I made a lot more friends. & though my panel might not have been a success it was certainly a learning exprience. I am now finally down to less than a box of anime stuff I'm trying to sell off which was excellent because of that stuff I only have one VHS left. The other good news was a broke my goal for the weekend. That in itself impressed me. I did splurg a little. But besides that I also managed to hang onto my money which is good since I'll be signing up for a possible 3 more cons this year. I've never had 2 cons in a room go that well. I must finally be doing something right. Other things I need to do this week, finish 2 commissions, get buttons so I can send out the orders I go, sign up for cons, get some more caught up on my sleep. Work on some art ideas I have, see about coloring in a couple more images, find the special size whole punch I need, I might have to get it online & the same with more badge clips. Suggestions or where to look for those? I want to thank everyone that helped make this weekend wonderful & I'll most certainly find ways to make it even better next year! Also a few of you that come across this that know me & want to add me please comment.

& lastly I come home to another surprise http://home.earthlink.net/~eastcoastanimesociety/id16.html I've never had something so nice said about me from strangers. I actually cried when I read it.
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03 February 2006 @ 01:09 am

1/Comment, this is important, I can't add you if you don't.
2/Have at least a few things in common with me, check my info if you need help.
3/No flaming me or my friends. I DON'T LIKE DRAMA!
That's all for now. Ta.

PS Kuroitenshi's Icon Journal My icon journal/community.
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